Moving Day® DC — Local Impact

Making an Impact in DC

Through your participation in Moving Day, you are providing resources and programs to your loved one with Parkinson’s. Your support helps the Parkinson’s Foundation fund:

Center of Excellence – Georgetown University Hospital

Center of Excellence – Johns Hopkins

Free Resources

Moving Day DC helps provide free resources in your community:

  • Aware in Care hospitalization kits
  • Educational Books
  • Toll-free Helpline
  • Wellness Classes

Community Programs

Moving Day DC helps support existing programs and launch new ones to help people with Parkinson’s live life well. Click on a link below to find more information about the program.


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Exercise and Education Program for People with Parkinson’s and Caregivers

How to sign up: Pending

Dates: Pending

Location: Pending

Contact: Pending

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Providing Parkinson’s Disease Support

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique exercise program based on forced-intense training used by boxing pros and adapted to people with Parkinson’s Disease. The program involves stretching, regular exercises, balancing, and non-contact boxing led by experienced trainers and coaches. RSB serves both men and women of all ages and abilities.

How to sign up: In person or by mail

Dates: Monday and Wednesday from 1:00–2:15 and 2:15–3:30 p.m.

Location: Grasonville, MD (present), Easton, MD (planned)

Contact: John R. Harrald

Alexander Technique for Care Partners Living with Parkinson’s

THE POISE PROJECT® ANNOUNCES NEW CLASSES FOR CARE PARTNERS OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE “Partnering with Poise” is a ten-week program for Care Partners of people living with Parkinson’s disease. It offers a supportive group setting for learning strategies to manage the day-to-day physical and emotional stresses of caregiving.

This course is focused on the specific needs of the caregiver independent of their care receiver. The program consists of a ten-week group class meeting for 90 minutes per week, plus a research study also funded by the Parkinson’s Foundation that involves two one-hour individually scheduled sessions for pre- and post-class evaluations and two 45-minute pre- and post-class written surveys. Some funding for respite care for the care recipients of participants is available. Evaluation forms will also be collected from participants to measure outcomes. Alexander technique (AT) is a well-established approach for skillfully managing stressful circumstances. AT training has also been found to be effective in reducing physical symptoms such as chronic neck and back pain—common complaints for caregivers. It has been demonstrated that AT training has long-term retention of benefits. “Partnering with Poise” classes will be starting in the Washington DC metro area in mid-September 2018.

How to sign up: Contact Monika Gross at 828-254-3102 or

Dates: Two courses will begin in mid-September.
First Class: September 17-December 2, 2018
Second Class: September 24-December 9, 2018

Location: Washington DC Metro Area

Contact: Monika Gross
The Poise Project

For more information on how to help, get involved or to learn more about programs and services in DC, please call us at 301-329-2673 or

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