In October, I will be walking in Moving Day- Chicago. They have these types of walks all over the country. We are walking in this walk for my Grandma, Judy Wells. We all have walked in this walk for the past 4 years. We do this because it is always a fun day and it is great for my Grandma talking and associating with all the other people that struggle daily with the same thing she does. Grandma is a trooper and never ever gets angry. Whenever I am angry about something I always look up to my Grandma and it reminds me that whatever I am struggling with or am angry about, I have no reason to be. Some people have bigger struggles. I think that all the people that have Parkinson’s are so strong and very brave.

My Grandma had surgery a few years ago to help control her Parkinson’s. Many other people have also had this surgery and it has made my Grandma’s life easier. Her doctor has taken down her medicine to smaller doses. We are all so excited that our family has been blessed with doctors that really want to help Grandma. I am so thankful for all the doctors that help everyone with Parkinson’s feel better.

Grandma even tried a boxing class that is specifically for people with Parkinson’s. The class helps with balance and strength. Grandma says it is so much fun. She and my Grandpa also go to a group of people that all have Parkinson’s. Sometimes they have guest speakers. They go every month and at Christmas they even have a Christmas party.

Some things that Grandma and I like to do are play games, sew, and paint pottery. Last Spring Break we made pillow cases for little kids that have cancer. We made five pillow cases. Sometimes we have to sit down because Grandma gets tired. Then we go to Starbucks!

I always look up to Grandma because she never gets angry or defeated. Grandma is also brave because she knows that God is watching over her and is helping heal her every day. We all hope that one day God could just take it all away and she could wake up and she would be just like she was eleven years ago before she was diagnosed. We all know that

God could do that for us and it would be a miracle. But that just might not be God’s plan. We love Grandma so much we never get angry when she doesn’t feel like doing something. I just love spending time with Grandma no matter what we do.

I hope that you and your family would please consider donating to the National Parkinson’s Foundation. If you are not financially able to make a donation, please pray for the foundation and all the people affected by this disease. 

Grandma and I thank you so so much for your support and hope that someday Parkinson’s will be cured!

Love, Magen 


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