Once again, I am humbled and encouraged by my family’s concerted effort to organize Team Cindy’s Buddes in my honor.  Having friends and family walk with me and my immediate family for the 2015 & 2016 “Moving Day Chicago” events had a powerful impact on us. I am already blessed by the plans for Moving Day 2017 and I am anticipating it with a mix of embarrassment about the spotlight and gratitude for the support. 

Thank You for your extra love and kindness since the PD diagnosis almost 3 years ago. My life has changed…daily activities are much more challenging and there is a constant battle to live above the multiple effects of the disease…but my life is good…full of people who care.

Please consider joining us for the walk on Sunday, October 15 and/or donating to the cause.  Your participation would be a great encouragement to my children and grandchildren, to Mike and to me.


Thank you so much!

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