Why do we participate in Moving Day®? Because for us, Moving Day® DFW 2016 literally was life-changing. For the first time since Bob’s diagnosis, we were with people who did not wonder what was going on with him. Our participation as a family resulted in Bob feeling tremendously loved and supported, and opened our family dialogue about living with Parkinson’s. Additionally, through the Moving Day® DFW Resource Pavilion, we learned of Parkinson Voice Project’s SPEAK OUT!® speech therapy program and The LOUD Crowd®. Connecting with Parkinson Voice Project has been a tremendous blessing in our journey with Parkinson’s!

How does Moving Day® help Fort Worth? Funds raised through last year’s Moving Day® jump started Endeavor Parkinsonology of Fort Worth, a community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of those fighting against Parkinson’s Disease! Goals of Endeavor Parkinsonology are to provide access to evidence-based exercise programs, to connect individuals in the Fort Worth community seeking to improve quality of life for people living with PD, and to advance our knowledge of PD.  Endeavor Parkinsonology is led by Christopher Watts, Ph.D., Director of the Davies School of Communication Sciences & Disorders at TCU. Go Frogs!

What is Moving Day®? Moving Day® is a movement for change – toward more awareness, more funding and more understanding of a disease that affects so many of our family and friends. Funds raised through Moving Day® support local and national efforts by delivering expert care to more than 100,000 Parkinson’s patients worldwide through the Center of Excellence network, funding cutting-edge research like the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project, and providing free resources for people with Parkinson’s and their families.

How do I join Dr. Bob’s Brigade in the fight against Parkinson’s?

  • Select the ‘Join The Team’ button!
  • Walk with us on Saturday, October 27th, in person or in spirit!
  • Spread the word about Moving Day® with family, friends, coworkers, etc!
  • Thank you for supporting us and the vital work of the Parkinson’s Foundation!

Honor Roll

Mrs. Debra Machos
Paul Robinson
Hector Rojas
Taylor Godbey
Vilada Bounma
Ron & Lynn Boyk
The Dyer Family
Yvonne Daugherty