My father passed away January 10, 2019 from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) related complications after enduring the illness for 20 years.  Dad was strong, positive, and above all full of passion for the many adventures life has to offer.  Throughout his journey with PD my family benefited from the expertise of researchers and doctors, as well as the kindness of compassionate souls.  Now it is time to give back and honor my dad’s legacy by raising money that will help others in their time of need with PD.

Please join me in honoring my dad’s beautiful soul by joining my team, raising money, and walking with me and many others on June 1, 2019 in the annual Moving Day Walk at Seneca Park.   If you can’t join the team please consider donating and honoring my father, John Cain.  May his spirit live on in all of us and those we will impact!

Honor Roll

Britney Sanders