I am the Chair of the Parkinson’s Foundation and very proud to be involved with Moving Day® Miami. Please mark your calendar and plan to join Barbara and me on Sunday, November 12th at Museum Park in downtown Miami. This is our 6th Moving Day in Miami and we want to make it special. I want to have more than a hundred people walking for my team and to raise a bunch of money.


As most of you know, both of my parents had Parkinson’s until they both passed away at the age of 88 in 2015 and 2016 . My Mother joined me in Miami for one walk and every day I wish she could walk with me and you to battle Parkinson’s.

For over 30  years, Janet Reno was my friend and inspiration. I could not be more proud that Janet’s, including her sister, Maggy, and niece, Hunter , are a big part of Team Kozyak-Reno. We will never fill Janet’s shoes, but we can honor her.

The event will be a fun-filled, family-friendly event for all ages and abilities. We will be able to enjoy a variety of movement activities yoga, dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, boxing, stretching and much more and celebrate the importance of movement in our lives.

Please sign up to join Team Kozyak-Reno and encourage your family and friends join us.  I would be happy to introduce you to Dreema Stokes, the NPF’s local Community Development Director, if you need help recruiting people for Moving Day or want to learn more about it. Of course, I’d also like to hear from you.  (305) 205 4427.


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