Why Move for Moving Day? Did you know that someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every 9 minutes in the United States? That’s 50,000-60,000 new cases each year, adding to the one million people who currently have PD.  No one should have to face Parkinson’s alone. That is why the Parkinson’s Foundation provides a community of support to give people the resources and help they need to live well with Parkinson’s. How much do you know about Parkinson’s Disease?  Here’s my version.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in August 2015.  PD is a non-curable brain disease that progressively gets worse.  My symptoms include the classic resting tremor that affects 80% of Parkinson’s patients.  It’s called a resting tremor because it goes away with movement.  Many think of tremors as being the main problem in Parkinson’s.  For most, it is annoying but it is not debilitating.  Another one of my symptoms includes slowness of movement called bradykinesia.  Although I was never an outstanding athlete, I was capable of moving quickly and athletically.  Now my muscles get stiff and rigid which makes it difficult to exercise and almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep.  PD also took away my “gym teacher” voice and left me with soft speech.  Another Parkinson’s gift I received is an overactive bladder (OAB).  Then there’s the non-motor symptoms such as social anxiety and depression.   Here comes the good news.  People don’t die from PD.  My neurologists have assured me that my PD is progressing slowly!  Speech therapy allowed my voice to successfully complete my last year of teaching and coaching before I retired.   The PD medicine I take allows my muscles to relax which has improved the quality of my sleep.  After trying four different medicines, I think the OAB is under control and I don’t have to wear Depends!  Great doctors, being proactive in the Parkinson’s community, plus having a very positive-minded, faith-driven wife/best friend/caregiver means I get to live the best possible life!   Support our mission to help every person diagnosed with Parkinson’s live their best possible life now. Your gift will help us fund better research, better treatment and better lives. Love and Peace, Ray Cali

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