GreasePaw, what a silly name! That silly name though, is what I started calling him as a little girl. My GreasePaw is one of the most influential people in my life. He helped raise me off and on through my childhood. He helped guide me to become the best person I could be. For those years and moments, I will forever be grateful for him! He was diagnosed with PD in 2001. In the years since his diagnosis, GreasePaw has stayed committed, determined, strong, and optimistic. He never gives up, and keeps a sweet smile on his face through it all. He’s involved with all of his treatments and continues to push himself with physical therapy. In 2017 GreasePaw was also diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He took that battle on strong and in 2018 BEAT CANCER!!! My wish is that we can also find a cure for all of those living with PD. For now, in honor of my GreasePaw-Thomas Raysor, I walk for you! Thank you all for your support and donations to this very important cause.

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