On May 4, I will be walking in honor of my amazing mother, Debbie Sieck.

She has been living with Parkinson’s for the past 12 years. As soon as my siblings and I heard the diagnosis, we immediately sought more information online on Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s Foundation is one of the first options that comes up on any search engine, and helped answer so many questions on the disease and existing treatment options. Every day I pray for a cure, and the Parkinson’s Foundation continues to be at the forefront of clinical trials and medical publications. They continue to give me hope. It is the importance of organizations like the Parkinson’s Foundation for those who have recently been diagnosed and their families which drives me to participate in the Moving Day Walk. If you live in or around the Twin Cities, please consider being a part of my team. If you live out of town, please help me fundraise and help researchers get one step closer to a cure.

Together, we Sieck a cure for Parkinson’s. 

Honor Roll

Miss Jacquelyn Sieck
Lauren Clark
Mr. Christopher Mtanos
Lauren Taylor
Camille Garcia-Flahaut