Team Papa Joe is at it again! We want to make this our best year yet and we need your help! On Saturday, May 4, we will be walking to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease. Can you believe in the U.S. alone an estimated 50,000-60,000 people are diagnosed? And once you find out you have PD, it gets even harder. We are lacking the meaningful research we need to both understand Parkinson’s and cure it.

My dad was diagnosed with PD in the fall of 2016. For awhile we were at a loss to even understand what Parkinson’s was, let alone how it would impact my dad, my mom and our family. We’ve learned a lot since then. We’ve learned about the power of movement to help people living with PD control their symptoms. We’ve learned there are so many different ways PD can exhibit and so many different ways it can affect a person’s body and mind. And we learned that PD research is woefully underfunded.

That’s why we are walking in the annual Moving Day with the Parkinson’s Foundation and we need your support!

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On behalf of all of Team Papa Joe…thank you!


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