Moving Day® Los Angeles — Local Impact

Making an Impact in Los Angeles County

Through your participation in Moving Day® walks in Los Angeles County, you are providing resources and programs to your loved one with Parkinson’s. Your support helps the Parkinson’s Foundation fund:

Center of Excellence – University of Southern California  

Free Resources

Our Moving Day® Los Angeles and North LA events help provide free resources in your community:

  • Aware in Care hospitalization kits
  • Educational Books
  • Toll-free Helpline
  • Wellness Classes

Community Programs

Moving Day® Los Angeles and North LA help support existing programs and launch new ones to help people with Parkinson’s live life well. Click on a link below to find more information about the program. 

Exercise.fw.png Exercise

NPF-WIT-Supergraphic-Blue-FlatSPOT3.png Wellness

Exercise.fw.png Exercise

5K Training Program

With the help of the Parkinson’s Foundation the 5K Training Team will be able to continue their team-based community program for people with Parkinson’s. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in the program to support their loved one and to enjoy the benefits of a professionally coached training program. Research has established the benefit of exercise for people with Parkinson’s. The 5K Training Team begins each session with Tai Chi, followed by aerobic exercise. The program also emphasizes a good time. The team format draws on reports showing that social interaction, an outdoor setting and a goal race can contribute to motivation and program success. Many members of the team have returned season after season, providing clear evidence of its appeal. In addition to a chip-timed community goal race, the team will participate in Moving Day Los Angeles on October 28, 2017.

How to sign up: There is no charge to participants and everyone is welcome. Participants must sign a waiver.

Dates: The team meets weekly, usually on Thursdays and does not train in December or in the hottest summer months. The team also meets for two to three races and participates in Moving Day Los Angeles events.

Location: Rose Bowl in Pasadena, a public space encircled by a 5K track. Additionally, the team meets at the site of goal races.

Contact: Sarah Ingersoll, University of Southern California,, 626-796-4745

Exercise Class for PD

Information Coming Soon

NPF-WIT-Supergraphic-Blue-FlatSPOT3.png  Wellness

Parkinson’s Wellness Program

The Parkinson’s Wellness Program of Long Beach is a weekly maintenance class that helps people living with PD maintain their motor, speech and cognitive skills. The class utilizes evidence-based practice and high energy fun to challenge participants in a group setting.

How to sign up: Call 562-933-9283 or visit! Participants are asked to complete brief screening tests. Qualifying participants will then complete participation forms.

Dates: Wednesdays at Noon

Location: Outpatient Neuro Rehab Clinic, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Contact: Betsaida Cruz-Coble, PT, DPT, NCS, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, 562-933-9283

For more information on how to help, get involved or to learn more about programs and services in Los Angeles County, please call us at 661-360-5544 or

Community Grants are made possible through the efforts of Moving Day®, the Parkinson’s Foundation and the support of our local community.

100 events in the first five years, more than 100,000 participants, and nearly $14M raised.