Moving Day, A Walk for Parkinson’s, is not just a fundraising walk. It’s a passionate community united in honoring loved ones with Parkinson’s, raising awareness about Parkinson’s disease and embracing the power of exercise – proven to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms. Your participation in Moving Day isn’t just about supporting the life-changing work of the Parkinson’s Foundation; it is about offering hope to everyone affected by this disease. This volunteer-led experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with others on similar journeys, discover invaluable resources and foster meaningful connections.

Register today and join the Parkinson’s Foundation in rallying behind the 90,000 individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s this year and the one million living with this disease in the United States. Be part of a dedicated community determined to do whatever it takes to beat Parkinson’s.

Funds raised through Moving Day support the Parkinson’s Foundation national mission by:

Delivering quality care to nearly 200,000 people living with Parkinson’s

Funding cutting-edge research aimed at better treatment, while advancing us towards a cure

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Providing free resources and local services for people living with Parkinson’s and their families

How to Get Started

Why We Move

Volunteering Helps Kathleen Find Community and Comfort

“I saw right away that Moving Day was more than just a walk, and I wanted to see how it changes people. I also wanted to help raise even one extra dollar for research so that the next person to get diagnosed doesn’t feel like I did. I want them to feel that there is hope.”


Fundraiser Ray Fights PD While Welcoming Competition

“Moving Day is special for my family. It’s not just a fundraiser, it is part of my Parkinson’s journey. Everyone’s support, whether through donations, calls or heartfelt notes, is a reminder of the incredible network of friends we have gained. It also feels good to do something to help.”


Cornerstone  Combats PD By Moving Together

“We love Moving Day. We all think the Parkinson’s Foundation is important because they have so much to offer people with Parkinson’s. When someone new comes to the gym, the first thing I tell them is to connect with the Foundation and use their resources.”


Honor Roll

Top Teams

  1. Rock Steady Fighters - $41,033.11  
  2. Team Howard - $31,591.50  
  3. Team Sloth - $31,284.71  
  4. 23andMe - $31,183.03  
  5. Walking Warriors - $29,420.00  

Top Individuals

  1. Christine Howard - $30,991.50 Donate
  2. Ray Miller - $28,615.00 Donate
  3. Joan De Young - $26,700.00 Donate
  4. Vikas Chinnan - $20,177.52 Donate
  5. Jan Wuliger - $18,622.53 Donate