Moving Day® NC Triangle — Local Impact

Making an Impact in North Carolina

Through your participation in Moving Day®, you are providing resources and programs to your loved one with Parkinson’s. Your support helps the Parkinson’s Foundation fund:

Center of Excellence – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Center of Excellence – Duke University Medical Center

Free Resources

Moving Day® NC Triangle helps provide free resources in your community:

  • Aware in Care hospitalization kits
  • Educational Books
  • Toll-free Helpline
  • Wellness Classes

Community Programs

Moving Day® NC Triangle 2016 raised money for our foundation’s national mission, our two Centers of Excellence at UNC and Duke, and four Community Grants. We assembled a grants committee composed of a person with Parkinson’s, a caregiver, a Moving Day planning committee member, a healthcare provider, and a community member. Our committee chose the following four grants that we believe will have a major impact on the lives of those living with Parkinson’s disease in our community. Visit this year’s grant recipients at their booth at Moving Day booths!

If you have a program that deserves to be funded, stay tuned after Moving Day NC Triangle 2017, and you will have the chance to apply. Contact Blake Tedder at with any questions.

Community Programs

Moving Day® NC Triangle helps support existing programs and launch new ones to help people with Parkinson’s live life well. Click on a link below to find more information about the program.

Art and music therapy.fw.pngArt & Music Therapy



NPF-WIT-Supergraphic-Blue-FlatSPOT2.pngProfessional Training

Art and music therapy.fw.pngArt & Music Therapy

Music Therapy 4 PD

Music Therapy 4 PD (MT4PD) is a community-based music therapy group where participants engage in weekly 45-minute music therapy sessions. These sessions take place in Raleigh and Chapel Hill and will consist of exercises designed by a board-certified music therapist. Exercises will focus on maintaining or improving speech and language deficits that arise from the progression of Parkinson’s. MT4PD, which will run from July of 2017 to June of 2018, offers a fun and inviting way for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers to connect with each other and other members of the Parkinson’s community, while addressing their individual rehabilitation needs.

How to sign up: For more information, please contact Allison Hingley at 919-443-9448 or

Dates: July 2017 to June 2018

Location: Raleigh & Chapel Hill; Specific Locations TBD

Contact: Allison G. Hingley, MM, MT-BC, Atlantic Music Therapy,, 919-443-9448


Addressing the Unmet Need for Parkinson’s Research in North Carolina

This cutting-edge study will analyze proteins in Parkinson’s-affected brain tissue.

Location: NC Chapel Hill Isaac Taylor Hall

Contact: Carolyn Reuland,
UNC, Chapel Hill


Rock Steady Boxing Program

Rock Steady Boxing will be offered at the Sports Center of Morehead. The program will be operated and managed by Sports Center, 701 N. 35th Street, Morehead City, NC 28557. Paul Gillikin, operations manager, can be reached at 252-726-7070.

How to sign up: Sign up will be made available at the Sports Center of Morehead. Specifics will be announced.

Dates: The program details will be announced. Rock Steady Boxing coaches are scheduled to complete training in August. The program will launch immediately following instructor training.

Location: Sports Center, 701 N 35th St., Morehead City, NC 28557

Contact: Sports Center: Paul Gillikin,, 252-725-7070; Support Group: Pete Huley,, 336-266-0808

The Parkinson’s Movement Initiative at ADF

The Parkinson’s Movement Initiative at the American Dance Festival (ADF) offers free weekly classes at ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios, as well as workshops, outreach classes, and volunteer and training opportunities. Through this program, ADF in partnership with NC Dance for Parkinson’s and Poe Wellness Solutions, aims to benefit the PD community by providing a consistent schedule at one location as well as outreach into the surrounding communities. This program is designed to demonstrate the extraordinary and impactful relationship that movement and dance have as an effective Parkinson’s therapy. Pilates for Parkinson’s with Poe Wellness Solutions consists of a warm-up focusing on alignment, exercises challenging strength and balance, and a cool-down for stretching and relaxation. All exercises will be explained and demonstrated. Exercises will be performed seated in a chair, or standing with support as needed. Each class will explore new ideas for improving strength, flexibility, and balance. NC Dance for Parkinson’s is modeled after the Dance for PD® program and our teachers have attended their training workshops. Participants learn choreography in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and cultural/folk, and have opportunities to improvise, creating unique movement sequences. A typical class includes movement done seated or standing with individualized adaptations.

How to sign up: Participants can sign up in person at 721 Broad Street, by phone at 919-797-2871, or online at

Dates: Program will commence July 1, specific times TBD

Location: ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios, 721 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

Contact: Julia Pleasants, American Dance Festival,, 919-979-2871

Parkinson’s Exercise “Prescription” Rally

The “Parkinson’s Exercise Prescription” (PEP) Rally is a two-day, activity-based workshop in Oriental, NC, taking place on October 28-29, 2017. The purpose of the rally is to educate and allow people with Parkinson’s to learn about and experience the different PD-specific exercise activities that are currently available, and to show local medical providers the various exercise programs that scientific research has found improves the quality of life and potentially delays the progression of the disease, so that these medical providers begin to “prescribe” exercise programs upon the initial diagnosis of PD. The event will feature professionally-guided, sample sessions of LSVT, Rock Steady Boxing, Pedaling for Parkinson’s, Dance for PD and a PD-specific yoga session. There will also be information distributed regarding how to start an effective home and/or local support-group (CD or internet-based) supported exercise program.

How to sign up: Call 252-249-1051 or email Jennifer Smart, DPT, at for more information.

Dates: October 28, 2017 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and October 29, 2017 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Location: Village Health and Fitness gym in Oriental, NC

Contact: Jennifer Smart, DPT, Pamlico Coastal Activities Council,, 252-249-1051 or 252-617-6023

NPF-WIT-Supergraphic-Blue-FlatSPOT2.pngProfessional Training

Alexander Technique for Care Partners Living with Parkinson’s

Partnering with The Poise Project, this program includes a 10-week group class that offers a community of support for the day-to-day physical and emotional stresses of caregiving. The program teaches the Alexander technique (AT), a well-established approach for skillfully managing stressful circumstances, which has also been found to be effective in reducing physical symptoms such as chronic neck and back pain — common caregiver issues. Classes meet for one hour per week and will be offered by certified AT specialists in Asheville, Boone, Concord, Greensboro/Burlington metro area, Wilmington, and the Sunset Beach Southern Coastal area. Pre-class orientation and post-class evaluation meetings are included. Funding for respite care for loved ones is available. Research data will be collected from participants to measure outcomes.

The Poise Project® is a nonprofit with the mission of maintaining natural poise throughout all stages and challenges of life through the principles of Alexander technique. We design and deliver Alexander-based programs that give people living with Parkinson’s greater confidence to manage their physical symptoms and increase their independence, confidence, and quality of life.

How to sign up: Contact Monika Gross at 828-254-3102 or

Asheville Fall Class: Week of Sept 4, 2017 – Week of Nov 20, 2017.

Asheville Spring Class: Week of April 9, 2018 – Week of June 25, 2018.

Concord Fall Class: Week of Sept 11, 2017 – Week of Nov 27, 2017.

Concord Spring Class: Week of April 2, 2018 – Week of June 18, 2018.

Sunset Beach Southern Coastal Area Spring Class: Week of Jan 8, 2018 – Week of March 26, 2018.

Wilmington Spring Class: Week of Jan 29, 2018 – Week of April 16, 2018.

Greensboro/Burlington Metro Area Spring Class: Week of Feb 19, 2018 – Week of May 7, 2018.

Boone Spring Class: Week of March 12, 2018 – Week of June 4, 2018

Location: Asheville, Boone, Concord, Greensboro/Burlington Metro Area, Wilmington, and Sunset Beach Southern Coastal Area. Class meeting spaces TBD.

For more information on how to help, get involved or to learn more about programs and services in North Carolina, please call the Parkinson’s Foundation at 919-391-8002 or

Community grants are made possible through the efforts of Moving Day®, the Parkinson’s Foundation and the support of our local community.

123 events in the first seven years, more than 116,000 participants, and nearly $17M raised.