My Moving Day Story By: Cindy Menard

My story started over 3 years ago when I made the decision to open a Rock Steady Boxing studio. The program is designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s Disease. As my program grew I began to meet and work with more and more people with Parkinson’s Disease. I learned so much about the disease and all the symptoms that go along with it. I had heard about Moving Day but I was unable to participate in it in the first two years. So, last year I decided to form a team and fundraise to help raise money for this great cause. I set a fundraising goal of $3,000.  My first thought was, “How am I going to accomplish this goal?!” I decided to have a big fundraiser and hold a chicken barbecue. Although we raised a lot of money with the barbecue our goal was met way before the barbecue took place. My boxers and their families rallied together to raise over $11,000! I was very humbled and touched by the generosity of everyone. My group of boxers are the best! They are fierce and they are fighters!! Moving Day was a great day. It was really nice to see not only my boxers and their families, but to see all the other participants joining in to fight the battle against Parkinson’s.

We have set the bar high for this year’s Moving Day fundraising! Who knows, maybe we’ll raise over $20,000!!  Not maybe, we will raise over $20,000!!


Moving Day has raised nearly $45 million and brought more than 186,000 participants together.