Rich Gootee and band will be performing at Moving Day Nashville 2022!

While we can’t stop Parkinson’s Disease, we can FIGHT it!

Award-winning singer/songwriter, Rich Gootee knows the daily struggles of living with Parkinson’s Disease such as his tremoring hand. After being diagnosed in 2018, Rich quickly began losing many of his physical faculties including his voice. In 2018,  Rich met Colleen Bridges, Owner of Bridges for Parkinson’s in Nashville/Franklin, Tennessee and things started turning around quickly. Through Parkinson’s  specific exercises and boxing at Colleen’s gym, Rich’s symptoms started to improve and to this day, they keep him strong and fighting every day.

Colleen and Rich decided to use their talents to help the Parkinson’s community by creating a song that inspires people to dig deep down and FIGHT! Call on the Fighter is an anthem not just for those fighting against Parkinson’s Disease, but for all of us who are fighting against a challenge.

By scanning the QR code above and purchasing “Call on the Fighter,” you will help people in your community who suffer each day from Parkinson’s Disease. Proceeds from the sale of this song return to the Parkinson’s Foundation

Exercise to it. Sing it in the shower. Belt it out with the windows rolled down. Know that you’re not alone.

Join the fight. Visit for more information.

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