Moving Day Broward

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Nova Southeastern University (Gold Circle Lake) | Map

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8:00 am

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10:00 a.m.


Mariah Moscone
ph: 561-332-1749
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Teams Registered: 25

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Gerald Goodman50$50.00Donate
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Donald Leebow10825$10,825.00Donate
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Nicholas Prestianni0$0.00Donate
Jacob Perry0$0.00Donate
Nicole Good175$175.00Donate
Cornershop Creative Creative0$0.00Donate
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About Moving Day Broward

Moving Day Broward is the Parkinson’s Foundation South Florida Chapter’s annual fundraising walk event. It is a fun and inspiring fundraising event that unites families, friends and communities both large and small in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. This celebration of movement will feature a family friendly walk course, a kids area, a caregivers relaxation tent and a special Movement Pavilion featuring yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. all proven to help manage the symptoms of PD.

It is ‘A day to move, a day to move others, a day that moves YOU!’

About the Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation South Florida Chapter makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.

Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact

The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of Florida, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s disease. Learn more.