Moving Day Broward – Virtual Walk

Saturday, May 9, 2020 Donate

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1:00 PM ET

We Move Ceremony & Walk:



Tamara Brown
ph: 305-537-9963

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Teams Registered: 20

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Judith Stein0$0.00Donate
Jackie Bussotti0$0.00Donate
Jorge Quinones0$0.00Donate
Robert Schwartz0$0.00Donate
Marta Fernandez0$0.00Donate
Bonnie Levine2030$2,030.00Donate
David & Arlene Multz100$100.00Donate
Ruth Ewert721$721.00Donate
Victor A Velez20$20.00Donate
Sidney Chugani35$35.00Donate
Rahid Chadid0$0.00Donate
Nanette Bauza0$0.00Donate
Catherine Shapiro20$20.00Donate
Alan Shapiro0$0.00Donate
Matthew and Michelle Levine50$50.00Donate
Bernice Ortiz0$0.00Donate
Valeria Casanova0$0.00Donate
George Ackerman1000$1,000.00Donate
Rob Herzog0$0.00Donate
Stephanie Sanabria25$25.00Donate
Tambi Braun136$136.00Donate
Yda Jimenez0$0.00Donate
Mariah Moscone0$0.00Donate
Letty Ginsburg0$0.00Donate
Steven Kahn0$0.00Donate
Veronica Barthelemy460$460.00Donate
JoAnn Roberts0$0.00Donate
Jason Winder2395$2,395.00Donate
Esperanza Olivares0$0.00Donate
Heather Bustamante50$50.00Donate
Aimee Scheick50$50.00Donate
Guillermo Bustamante0$0.00Donate
Anthony Scheick0$0.00Donate
Kathy Shaffer0$0.00Donate
Susan Scheick195$195.00Donate
Randi Schreiber135$135.00Donate
Ilene Triestman105$105.00Donate
Rae Drake100$100.00Donate
Grether Ackerman35$35.00Donate
Lisa Mark745$745.00Donate
Rania Massad578$578.00Donate
Kim Smith85$85.00Donate
T Brown61$61.00Donate
Shannon Poole0$0.00Donate
Katie Thien65$65.00Donate
Brandon Edwards220$220.00Donate
Megan Burns10$10.00Donate
Alexia Barletta185$185.00Donate
Jessica Hutchens70$70.00Donate
Alexa Bianco195$195.00Donate
Erin Bradford30$30.00Donate
Amber Flynn80$80.00Donate
Benjamin Baldridge0$0.00Donate
Alisha Trivedi0$0.00Donate
Kayla-Ann Wilkes15$15.00Donate
Steven Winalis0$0.00Donate
Jordan Archibald70$70.00Donate
Sarah Nasr100$100.00Donate
Eni Cvitkovic20$20.00Donate
Megan Burlage125$125.00Donate
Megan Richard20$20.00Donate
Marissa Stahl35$35.00Donate
Jocelina Sanchez20$20.00Donate
Kelsey Jones300$300.00Donate
Amanda Mazza65$65.00Donate
Meagan Julia250$250.00Donate
Audrey Lugo0$0.00Donate
Sebastian Velandia0$0.00Donate
Shaelyn Novy200$200.00Donate
Amanda Duran10$10.00Donate
Michael Bett0$0.00Donate
Khirah Madison0$0.00Donate
Daniela Uribe Gomez20$20.00Donate
Kristina Porzenheim90$90.00Donate
Karol Rodriguez0$0.00Donate
Danielle Pratt25$25.00Donate
Jordan Grzegorczyk65$65.00Donate
Jessica Jones0$0.00Donate
John Hollnagel275$275.00Donate
Daimy Bello0$0.00Donate
Katie Knips30$30.00Donate
Aislynn Barreto0$0.00Donate
Francesca Matarazzo126$126.00Donate
Jamie Bellamy Mulhern35$35.00Donate
April Asby0$0.00Donate
Maureen Knips100$100.00Donate
Jennifer Bergstrom100$100.00Donate
Gabrielle Nugent0$0.00Donate
Sabrina Volinsky10$10.00Donate
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About Moving Day

We Care. We Fight. We Move.

Moving Day is an inspiring and empowering annual fundraising walk event that unites people around the country living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their care partners and loved ones to help beat PD. Moving Day is more than just a walk. It’s a celebration of movement – proven to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

Leading up to the event, participants and teams fundraise to help the Parkinson’s Foundation provide everything people with Parkinson’s need to live better — from lifesaving resources to delivering quality care to more than 193,500 people living with Parkinson’s to improving Parkinson’s treatments through research.

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

Moving Day proceeds help bring quality care to more people with Parkinson’s, further Parkinson’s research, education and outreach initiatives. Moving Day raises awareness of Parkinson’s both nationally and in the local community.

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.

Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact

The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of Florida, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s disease. Learn more.