“You Have Parkinson’s”! 

Those weren’t the words I had prepared myself for during a follow-up visit with my Neurologist in March of 2017.  In the previous six months I had some changes going on that I shrugged off as pushing myself too hard, or simply age showing itself.

This was the fourth consecutive visit in four months, usually they were once every three.  I didn’t think anything of it. My Neurologist had some tests done that were different, and he asked me some additional questions, not knowing where he was going with the information and test results he was gathering.

Well the diagnosis had come!  I don’t remember leaving his office or driving home.

I called my wife to come home and I shared my news. As we talked, and I tried to calm myself I realized, I’m not alone. I have my wife, grown children, family and close friends but most importantly, my faith in GOD. We shared the news with our children, then family and friends.

My days that followed were slow, and the desire to tell of my diagnosis was imperative, as I had developed some issues that hindered my ability to work, and complete simple tasks. So word got out quickly, and I wanted others to know. In the end however, I was resigned to leave my job due to my symptoms that I couldn’t control, and the time required to be successful.

So, I found a Support Group, physical therapies to help me, and I read everything I could find on Parkinson’s. I also had a great friend whose mom had suffered from Parkinson’s. His ability to listen and give me some insight was priceless. With the encouragement from my friends and family, the desire to KEEP MOVING was huge.

Almost a year in now, I am maintaining and doing everything I can to slow the progression. I have therapy five days a week and I fight symptoms daily. Stiffness, slowed movement, loss of balance, insomnia, muscle cramping, initiating movement, and falls are my worst symptoms at this time.

That’s what “Moving Day” is about! Promoting Parkinson’s Awareness, sharing stories and showing the general public that the Parkinson’s fight is REAL!

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