National Top All Star Movers

Congratulations to our Top 20 All Star Movers. Out of all the participants across the country these 20 individuals have raised the most money. Thank you for your support and helping us raise funds to improve care and advance research toward a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Top 20 Walkers (Active)*

NameEventAmount Raised
1. Sherwin ZuckermanMoving Day Chicago$39,085.00
2. Gordon BeckhamMoving Day Atlanta$34,987.00
3. Susan BrownMoving Day Atlanta$30,569.00
4. Sarah BrownMoving Day Atlanta$26,148.00
5. Andrew AlbertMoving Day Chicago$19,300.00
6. John KolayaMoving Day New Jersey$16,581.00
7. Carey DurhamMoving Day DFW$16,300.00
8. Glen ClemmonsMoving Day NC Triangle$15,921.00
9. Jennifer CampbellMoving Day Phoenix$12,864.00
10. Kimbra EdgeMoving Day Atlanta$11,639.00
11. Blue Grass Energy 2021Moving Day Lexington$11,078.00
12. LAURA MorrisMoving Day Chicago$10,915.00
13. Alexandra GreeneMoving Day Atlanta$10,142.00
14. Brooke RamseyMoving Day Columbus$9,731.00
15. Jim MonhartMoving Day Chicago$9,330.00
16. Keith MorrisMoving Day Chicago$9,037.00
17. Jim McLaughlinMoving Day Memphis$9,000.00
18. Henia ZamesMoving Day Central NY$8,798.00
19. Chadwick VirgilMoving Day NC Triangle$8,578.00
20. James BlackorbyMoving Day NC Triangle$8,486.00

*These are the top donors for all currently active events.

Moving Day has raised over $35 million and brought more than 161,600 participants together.