Facebook Fundraiser Match Challenge

Moving Day DFW is just 60 days away on Saturday, October 21st! We hope you’re excited to join us at Maverick Stadium in Arlington, TX. To celebrate our event being so close, we are extending a two-week challenge for participants to collectively raise $5,000 via Facebook Fundraisers. If we achieve this goal together, there is a matching $5,000 donation to Moving Day DFW. That doubles the impact!

All donations to a Facebook Fundraiser must be made by Tuesday, September 4th. Now is the time to make a self-donation and kick off your Facebook fundraising, (if you haven’t already). Be sure to ask your friends and family to donate!

To learn how to start a Facebook Fundraiser, click HERE.

We appreciate your commitment to making life better for the one million people living with Parkinson’s.

We Care. We Fight. We Move.

Thank you for supporting the Parkinson’s community!

Moving Day has raised nearly $45 million and brought more than 186,000 participants together.