Moving Day Dayton – Virtual Walk

Saturday, May 9, 2020 Donate

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1:00 PM ET

We Move Ceremony & Walk:



Lori Gum
ph: 614-918-7308

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Teams Registered: 16

All Event Teams
Right at Home Greene & Clark Counties0$0.00
Team Zengel810$810.00
Papa's Warriors335$335.00
Team Elliott705$705.00
Thad Camp State Farm0$0.00
Move for 2: Team Larry and Judy620$620.00
Team Zink430$430.00
Team Jordan-Dunlap4085$4,085.00
Park N Go1110$1,110.00
Team Mary Sue925$925.00
Team Gum40$40.00
Team Kim Possible685$685.00
Team Fraze285$285.00
Team Burke300$300.00
Team Taylor455$455.00
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All Event Individuals
Beth Adelman506$506.00Donate
Damian Watkins0$0.00Donate
breck jordan2540$2,540.00Donate
Judith Dunlap50$50.00Donate
james dunlap1085$1,085.00Donate
Kristin Zeit100$100.00Donate
Debra Laughlin100$100.00Donate
Rachel Sherwood0$0.00Donate
Danielle Mackay100$100.00Donate
Rosemary Brining100$100.00Donate
Jenni Baker35$35.00Donate
Jeff Elliott100$100.00Donate
Nicole Presley640$640.00Donate
Debbi Kinderdine0$0.00Donate
Kelly Shambarger100$100.00Donate
Kimberly Reese650$650.00Donate
Katie Terlau0$0.00Donate
Michele Phillippi0$0.00Donate
Rhonda Zink430$430.00Donate
Molly Schmidt405$405.00Donate
Angela Pernell35$35.00Donate
Thomas Zeit0$0.00Donate
Molly Holt195$195.00Donate
Sarah Mantia0$0.00Donate
Alissa Gantt70$70.00Donate
Larry and Teresa Taylor355$355.00Donate
Kelli Sanders35$35.00Donate
Sarah Zengel370$370.00Donate
Constance Zengel250$250.00Donate
James Zengel0$0.00Donate
Sarah Zengel0$0.00Donate
Adam Zengel100$100.00Donate
Ashlee Larger320$320.00Donate
Douglas Benson170$170.00Donate
Patrick Zengel35$35.00Donate
Jenna Robbins35$35.00Donate
Cameron Zengel0$0.00Donate
Barb Garrity0$0.00Donate
Carey Ann Israel50$50.00Donate
Karen Patton925$925.00Donate
Heather Luby35$35.00Donate
Tina Elliott135$135.00Donate
Cherie Frantz35$35.00Donate
Jennifer Taylor100$100.00Donate
Michael Burke0$0.00Donate
Damian Watkins0$0.00Donate
Sean Leno0$0.00Donate
Lori Gum40$40.00Donate
Erica Claypool100$100.00Donate
Michael Claypool0$0.00Donate
Maggie Taylor300$300.00Donate
Barry Russello1110$1,110.00Donate
Madisun Ballard0$0.00Donate
Susan Pero300$300.00Donate
Brian Pero0$0.00Donate
John Pero0$0.00Donate
Dana Godsey0$0.00Donate
Peter Godsey0$0.00Donate
Chloe Zeit0$0.00Donate
Mariada Zengel20$20.00Donate
Frances Dunlap140$140.00Donate
Isaac Moore0$0.00Donate
Casey Zengel0$0.00Donate
Brandis Hillard0$0.00Donate
Mike Laughlin0$0.00Donate
Kerry Coovert0$0.00Donate
Mel Kerr35$35.00Donate
Allison Lorei50$50.00Donate
Debbie Hubach100$100.00Donate
Kim Ramer50$50.00Donate
Carole Judge35$35.00Donate
Barb O'Brien35$35.00Donate
Ellen Miller35$35.00Donate
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About Moving Day

We Care. We Fight. We Move.

Moving Day is an inspiring and empowering annual fundraising walk event that unites people around the country living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their care partners and loved ones to help beat PD. Moving Day is more than just a walk. It’s a celebration of movement – proven to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

Leading up to the event, participants and teams fundraise to help the Parkinson’s Foundation provide everything people with Parkinson’s need to live better — from lifesaving resources to delivering quality care to more than 193,500 people living with Parkinson’s to improving Parkinson’s treatments through research.

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.

Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact

The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of Ohio, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s disease. Learn More.