Sleepless nights….

Up with my dad, helping him overcome the latest anxiety attack caused by Dopamine Depletion

Watching the strongest man i have ever known, speak about not being able to deal with this any longer and maybe he should just stop causing such a burden on me and my friends who selflessly stay to help me out.

Watching the proud man who stood over six feet and worked out every day of his life, sailed the ocean in his boat, walked his dog three miles twice a day, barely able to shuffle across the expanse of the living room from the bedroom to the kitchen in a crouched frame that appears to be well less than six feet.

Seeing the panicked look in his eye when the newest auditory or visual hallucination starts.

Listening to him speak about how scared he is that he could possibly succumb to them and hurt someone in the house.This coming from on e of the gentlest souls around.

These are the things I walk to find a way to end.


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