So, as always, it’s  where in the world are Ron and Gloria?

Actually we will be in New York pretty much now (June 25) until the beginning of September and then we will be back and forth to Florida until after Thanksgiving.  But we did just get back from Japan and the World Parkinson’s Congress.  See my website for more on our travels.

So basically my life in retirement is mostly about keeping my body going despite Parkinson’s.  My time revolves around exercise, work for parkinson’s causes and then travel and recreation.

I have had a pretty good year.  Thanks to my Movement Disorder Specialist and other medical professionals, I’m doing the best I’ve been in several years.   I’ve recently taken on an “Ambassador” position with National Parkinson’s to promote their “Aware in Care” program.  I also talk with People with Parkinson’s and their caregivers for all sorts of needs – ranging from newly diagnosed  to end of life discussions.  Your donation helps National Parkinson’s Foundation to create the educational materials to help us provide this support as well as funding exercise programs for People with Parkinsons and more.

Thank you thank you thank you to those who donated to help me in the past.  I am grateful for all the donations, some way beyond my expectations.

So please help  me if you can.   And please be patient with me when I have Parkinsons related ups and downs and yes, I appreciate it when you ask  how I’m doing.  Life is a challenge.  I hope  your challenges are easier than mine.



Gloria Friedman

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Mrs. Gloria Friedman
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