Moving Day Atlanta – Virtual Walk

Saturday, October 17, 2020 Donate

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Activities Begin:

10:00 AM

We Move Ceremony & Walk:



Amanda Appolloni
ph: 770-843-2324

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Teams Registered: 43

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Honor Roll

Susan Brown$17,495.00Donate
Marie Head$17,100.00Donate
Gordon Beckham$15,600.00Donate
Alexandra Kennelly$5,590.00Donate
Donald Miller$5,445.00Donate
Tim Nantz$5,310.00Donate
Lloyd Spann$4,080.00Donate
Ellen Salowitz$2,578.00Donate
Audrey Carter$2,220.00Donate
Eric Mindel$1,955.00Donate
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All Event Teams
Citizens of Georgia Power North Fulton0$0.00
True Beginning Wellness100$100.00
Sunrise of Huntcliff Summit II695$695.00
Team Greene Bean6340$6,340.00
Shake, Rattle, and Stroll!735$735.00
Team UCB1395$1,395.00
Team Beckham16800$16,800.00
Southside Movers1100$1,100.00
Team Glenn365$365.00
Team Action275$275.00
Tom's Movers for a Cure2520$2,520.00
Julie's Team125$125.00
Cure Walkers4490$4,490.00
Damian Test Team 20$0.00
PD Gladiators996$996.00
Georgia Parkinson's Social Meetup505$505.00
Moore Siblings100$100.00
"In Loving Memory of Papi Beno"580$580.00
Milt's Movers0$0.00
Allyson's Angels135$135.00
Team Zest Yoga380$380.00
Pop Ivers1319$1,319.00
Walking with Wade2220$2,220.00
Team Runaldue200$200.00
Team Leebo305$305.00
Gippie's Gang4482$4,482.00
LDBF Boxing for Parkinson's200$200.00
Jogging For Jimmy4355$4,355.00
Team Mindel3600$3,600.00
Walking With Ed100$100.00
Team Dada800$800.00
Moving for Steve275$275.00
Team Ahmetovic675$675.00
Team RC0$0.00
Debbie's Dazzlers2890$2,890.00
The Atlanta Movers and Shakers20005$20,005.00
Poppa Lou2367$2,367.00
Team Dempsey - Never Give Up100$100.00
J.C. Martin, Jr.705$705.00
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All Event Individuals
Jan Rabinowitz361$361.00Donate
Damian Watkins0$0.00Donate
Brad Ivers1069$1,069.00Donate
Annie Long135$135.00Donate
Chris Rush20$20.00Donate
Ellie Kahn200$200.00Donate
Larry Kahn200$200.00Donate
Gordon Beckham15600$15,600.00Donate
Marie Head17100$17,100.00Donate
Donald Miller5445$5,445.00Donate
John Dixon100$100.00Donate
Tim Nantz5310$5,310.00Donate
Stacy Galarza280$280.00Donate
Michael Keavney50$50.00Donate
Carmen Schrader250$250.00Donate
Victoria Helmly275$275.00Donate
Nancy Proctor235$235.00Donate
Lee Proctor0$0.00Donate
Sara Proctor35$35.00Donate
Catherine Proctor35$35.00Donate
Kathryn Helmly0$0.00Donate
Haydee Vega480$480.00Donate
Olga Etris0$0.00Donate
B.J. Goode-White100$100.00Donate
Diana Ketchum205$205.00Donate
Jessi Keavney150$150.00Donate
Glenn Ketchum125$125.00Donate
Wendy Haggerty195$195.00Donate
Angela Newsome175$175.00Donate
Christina Chvatal480$480.00Donate
Ricky Chvatal25$25.00Donate
Kelly Mallory50$50.00Donate
Audrey Carter2220$2,220.00Donate
Robert White100$100.00Donate
Latisha Miller60$60.00Donate
Chris Head100$100.00Donate
Rahid Chadid0$0.00Donate
Vicki Arjona100$100.00Donate
Kathleen Ness410$410.00Donate
Dana Ness0$0.00Donate
Lidija Ahmetovic675$675.00Donate
Marian Monahan150$150.00Donate
Randi Laak35$35.00Donate
Lloyd Spann4080$4,080.00Donate
Brooke Lange410$410.00Donate
Harm Scheffer0$0.00Donate
Susie Pugh50$50.00Donate
Samuel Pugh100$100.00Donate
Trashanda Lumpkin25$25.00Donate
Jillian Garcia50$50.00Donate
Kristy Ellenson0$0.00Donate
Alyson Hartman1011$1,011.00Donate
Jennifer Engel545$545.00Donate
Alexis Young35$35.00Donate
Alexandra Kennelly5590$5,590.00Donate
Meagan Griffin100$100.00Donate
Tinnie Person100$100.00Donate
Denise Formisano0$0.00Donate
Karen Landis375$375.00Donate
Karen Andrews1115$1,115.00Donate
Bill Goldstrohm100$100.00Donate
Debbie Akbar680$680.00Donate
Susan Brown17495$17,495.00Donate
Anne Copeland150$150.00Donate
Martha Farrell920$920.00Donate
Valeria Gary135$135.00Donate
Nancy Elward0$0.00Donate
Neelam MacLeod700$700.00Donate
Paul Tucker650$650.00Donate
Susan Holcombe130$130.00Donate
Dawn Hawkins100$100.00Donate
Lillian Hornberger100$100.00Donate
Michele Hodges200$200.00Donate
Susana Cogan100$100.00Donate
Joseph Damirjian35$35.00Donate
Lisa Eagen50$50.00Donate
Catherine Sabonis50$50.00Donate
Christopher Campolongo0$0.00Donate
Brigitte Peck100$100.00Donate
Sheila Coffey100$100.00Donate
Eric Mindel1955$1,955.00Donate
Krystal Campbell250$250.00Donate
Anthony Carter200$200.00Donate
Katrina Monahan135$135.00Donate
Alex Appolloni0$0.00Donate
Sheila Carter0$0.00Donate
Jessica Rapp35$35.00Donate
Tonya McCall0$0.00Donate
Beth Bodenheimer25$25.00Donate
Jeanne Dixon0$0.00Donate
Donna Scheffer70$70.00Donate
Erin Kalinski100$100.00Donate
Brittney Hooker100$100.00Donate
Nicole Yarab35$35.00Donate
Richard Farrell50$50.00Donate
Megan Mindel145$145.00Donate
Nik Roberts505$505.00Donate
Vanessa Perry0$0.00Donate
Chelsea Anderson0$0.00Donate
Ellen Salowitz2578$2,578.00Donate
Charlie Giattino100$100.00Donate
Chelsea Reiser20$20.00Donate
Vanessa Pullum0$0.00Donate
Angela Diguiseppi1655$1,655.00Donate
Linda Malin100$100.00Donate
Maya Vega100$100.00Donate
Adrienne Young Cohen25$25.00Donate
William Kalinski100$100.00Donate
Taylor Collins0$0.00Donate
Lisa Dwyer1010$1,010.00Donate
Erica Wolpert118$118.00Donate
Marla Krohn330$330.00Donate
Meg Amstutz100$100.00Donate
Doug Krohn325$325.00Donate
Harv Hobson100$100.00Donate
Linda Rigby100$100.00Donate
Pam Hobson100$100.00Donate
Wade Andrews25$25.00Donate
Kelly Schreiner100$100.00Donate
Amanda Appolloni135$135.00Donate
Martha Julie Garanyi125$125.00Donate
Reeya Vickery0$0.00Donate
Chris Nocera100$100.00Donate
Kay Correll100$100.00Donate
Elaine White0$0.00Donate
Kevin Lindberg100$100.00Donate
Norah Kalinski100$100.00Donate
Katy Baker100$100.00Donate
Lauren Loggins0$0.00Donate
Vallon Allen0$0.00Donate
Jamie Clawson365$365.00Donate
Jill Hill1175$1,175.00Donate
Barb Ferguson175$175.00Donate
Parker Clawson0$0.00Donate
Gabrielle Clawson0$0.00Donate
Noah Hill250$250.00Donate
Shane Ferguson270$270.00Donate
Britney Clawson120$120.00Donate
Lily Clawson0$0.00Donate
Wyatt Fricks0$0.00Donate
Brianna Panosian695$695.00Donate
Katie Yarborough0$0.00Donate
Scott Clawson40$40.00Donate
Sophie Hill50$50.00Donate
Chris Hill1810$1,810.00Donate
Amanda White1405$1,405.00Donate
Jordan Clawson0$0.00Donate
Frieda Parks0$0.00Donate
Ann Marie Mindel0$0.00Donate
Christina Sneekes35$35.00Donate
Alexandra Mindel200$200.00Donate
Sammy, Emmy, Joey, Nicho Moore Siblings100$100.00Donate
Michael Luscher612$612.00Donate
KAREN LUSCHER100$100.00Donate
Kimberly LaPlante0$0.00Donate
Jay Lerner0$0.00Donate
Kelly Cordero200$200.00Donate
Lawrence Dempsey100$100.00Donate
Taylor Eastwood0$0.00Donate
Valerie and Richard Nichols250$250.00Donate
Allison Ruff50$50.00Donate
Dan & Grace Gonzalez50$50.00Donate
Erica Carter100$100.00Donate
Bill Monahan0$0.00Donate
Cathy and Frank Crosby75$75.00Donate
Damamli Dorsey0$0.00Donate
Rocco Nudo50$50.00Donate
Casey Cayce75$75.00Donate
Alexandria Giles100$100.00Donate
Nabeela Khalfan0$0.00Donate
Tasha Acosta0$0.00Donate
Micah Graciani0$0.00Donate
Stephanie Gonzalez0$0.00Donate
Alyson Choma300$300.00Donate
John Brown350$350.00Donate
Sarah McFeeley0$0.00Donate
Jayleen Lolley0$0.00Donate
Tiffany Knepper0$0.00Donate
Sue Kraus250$250.00Donate
Bennett Kraus0$0.00Donate
Kyle Kraus0$0.00Donate
Allie Kraus0$0.00Donate
Kevin Kraus0$0.00Donate
Barbara Hager50$50.00Donate
Joseph Hager50$50.00Donate
Aylin Sandoval0$0.00Donate
Ashley Tapia20$20.00Donate
Cris Renner0$0.00Donate
Lonni Rosenthal10$10.00Donate
Patricia Dougherty25$25.00Donate
Jackelyn Banda-Soto0$0.00Donate
Rhayane Costa0$0.00Donate
Natalie Reisinger0$0.00Donate
Norman Andrews aa50$50.00Donate
Patrick Daquila25$25.00Donate
Samantha Knapp25$25.00Donate
GARY GRECO0$0.00Donate
Lisa Breland25$25.00Donate
Joe Andreoli25$25.00Donate
Jordan Paul135$135.00Donate
Mariechelle Bonifacio35$35.00Donate
RAJANI GIRISH25$25.00Donate
Denise Stooksberry35$35.00Donate
Janet Jamison10$10.00Donate
Joshua Mowatt35$35.00Donate
Michelle Mauro25$25.00Donate
Taunya Masterson25$25.00Donate
Lukus Sun0$0.00Donate
Megan Lee35$35.00Donate
Stephanie Ballesteros50$50.00Donate
Colleen Hein35$35.00Donate
Jennica Stiglich35$35.00Donate
Margot Ballard720$720.00Donate
Caroline Root500$500.00Donate
Tracy Capizzi0$0.00Donate
Hobson Fulmer100$100.00Donate
Robin Hoskins185$185.00Donate
Christie Koehler0$0.00Donate
Lindsey Lane35$35.00Donate
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About Moving Day

We Care. We Fight. We Move.

Moving Day is an inspiring and empowering annual fundraising walk event that unites people around the country living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their care partners and loved ones to help beat PD. Moving Day is more than just a walk. It’s a celebration of movement – proven to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

Leading up to the event, participants and teams fundraise to help the Parkinson’s Foundation provide everything people with Parkinson’s need to live better — from lifesaving resources to delivering quality care to more than 193,500 people living with Parkinson’s to improving Parkinson’s treatments through research.

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

Moving Day proceeds help bring quality care to more people with Parkinson’s, further Parkinson’s research, education and outreach initiatives. Moving Day raises awareness of Parkinson’s both nationally and in the local community.

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.

Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact

The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of Georgia, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s disease. Learn More.