Moving Day Columbus

Sunday, September 9, 2018 Register

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Columbus Crew SC MAPFRE Stadium | Map

Registration Opens:

12:30 p.m.

Walk Start time:

2:00 p.m.


Allison Lenz
ph: 614-918-7308
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Teams Registered: 46

21 Days to Go!

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Patti Nelson61000$610.00Donate
Patti Nelson000$0.00Donate
Jerry Yarov211300$2,113.00Donate
Neil Chessin10000$100.00Donate
Liza Larky25000$250.00Donate
Tom Graffeo24500$245.00Donate
Kelley Morris50000$500.00Donate
Susan Hervey50000$500.00Donate
Damian Watkins000$0.00Donate
Debbie Clark7500$75.00Donate
Don Clark7500$75.00Donate
Joseph Banaski2500$25.00Donate
Suzanne Allison22500$225.00Donate
Linda Burgess000$0.00Donate
Albert Roggio12000$120.00Donate
Becky Roggio000$0.00Donate
Allison Tominc5000$50.00Donate
David Ruedrich520000$5,200.00Donate
Dallas Tackett000$0.00Donate
Tamara Combs000$0.00Donate
Tina Walsh000$0.00Donate
Breck Jordan57500$575.00Donate
Steve Wilson76500$765.00Donate
Lisa Bateson92500$925.00Donate
Roger Young283000$2,830.00Donate
Jeanne Young75000$750.00Donate
Nelson Genshaft000$0.00Donate
Bruce Stout20000$200.00Donate
Andrea Chessin10000$100.00Donate
Raymond Black10000$100.00Donate
Melinda Harty20000$200.00Donate
Tony Frey52500$525.00Donate
Kristel Smith000$0.00Donate
Wanda Patton000$0.00Donate
Norma Mercuric000$0.00Donate
Dawn Cusack10000$100.00Donate
Meghan Disanto000$0.00Donate
Vanessa Perry000$0.00Donate
Brenda Fingerlow000$0.00Donate
Deanna Tackett10000$100.00Donate
Jessica Wentz000$0.00Donate
Nancy Barnes10000$100.00Donate
Elaine Edelstein000$0.00Donate
Melissa Dye6000$60.00Donate
David Foresta5000$50.00Donate
Chelsea Koenig10000$100.00Donate
Sheila Schwartz25000$250.00Donate
New Albany Executive Director000$0.00Donate
Fran Hoover10000$100.00Donate
Michael Zenisek150000$1,500.00Donate
Brooke Ramsey381800$3,818.00Donate
Rob Failor000$0.00Donate
Karen Robison35000$350.00Donate
James Wood0$0.00Donate
Anna Tipton000$0.00Donate
Jim Hoover20000$200.00Donate
Beth Yao3500$35.00Donate
Kathy Armentrout000$0.00Donate
Janna Bidlack12500$125.00Donate
Eric Bidlack000$0.00Donate
Lisa Keating000$0.00Donate
Minnie Rayburn000$0.00Donate
Sarah Fargusson500$5.00Donate
Jennifer Mathews000$0.00Donate
Annie Wallis000$0.00Donate
Cupcake Festival58282$582.82Donate
Sarah Fargusson000$0.00Donate
Saturday March 10 Montreal Impact000$0.00Donate
Saturday, June 9 New York Red Bulls000$0.00Donate
Saturday, September 22 Colorado Rapids000$0.00Donate
Amanda Rossbach3100$31.00Donate
Ruth McNeil000$0.00Donate
Christina Griffith000$0.00Donate
Jessie Ritter5000$50.00Donate
Julie Olds000$0.00Donate
Andrea Klabbatz000$0.00Donate
William Thompson10000$100.00Donate
Ashley Ridge000$0.00Donate
Valerie Patrick2000$20.00Donate
Vicki Gundolf000$0.00Donate
Ginger Stegner000$0.00Donate
Sophie Rich000$0.00Donate
Nicole Presley000$0.00Donate
Tammy Justice000$0.00Donate
Deborah Cooper000$0.00Donate
Jennifer Smith000$0.00Donate
Christine Quinlan000$0.00Donate
Patricia Vest3500$35.00Donate
Katherine Grogan22000$220.00Donate
Dara Pence000$0.00Donate
Gerlinde Lott000$0.00Donate
Joyce Isler000$0.00Donate
Steve Edelstein10000$100.00Donate
April Ford3500$35.00Donate
Jennifer Carlton000$0.00Donate
Amy Crevison000$0.00Donate
Chloe Ford000$0.00Donate
Levi Ford000$0.00Donate
Jakob Ford000$0.00Donate
Debby Yarov25000$250.00Donate
Betsy Rodenbeck000$0.00Donate
Jeffrey Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Mary Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Greg Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Wendy Feller10000$100.00Donate
Bryan Feller10000$100.00Donate
Linda Slider10000$100.00Donate
Emily Dudek10000$100.00Donate
Bailey Feller10000$100.00Donate
Lauren Feller10000$100.00Donate
Avery Feller10000$100.00Donate
Vivian Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Matthew Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Evelyn Schueller10000$100.00Donate
Ramona Banaski2500$25.00Donate
Nicole Dulle26000$260.00Donate
Daniel Hoover114500$1,145.00Donate
Nick Dulle000$0.00Donate
Deb Dulle000$0.00Donate
Teresia Perdue000$0.00Donate
Shawn Morgan133500$1,335.00Donate
Shawn Morgan15000$150.00Donate
Kyla Abney17500$175.00Donate
Rick Thorpe10000$100.00Donate
Lisa Collins000$0.00Donate
DENISE STILLWELL3500$35.00Donate
Brittany Durette000$0.00Donate
Vikki Dean000$0.00Donate
Michael Durette000$0.00Donate
Brian Dye000$0.00Donate
Lydia Morgan000$0.00Donate
Lisa Black10000$100.00Donate
Dave James10000$100.00Donate
Tammy Russell000$0.00Donate
Betsy Eastham000$0.00Donate
Nicholas Eastham000$0.00Donate
Parker Eastham000$0.00Donate
Mitch Walker000$0.00Donate
Ken & Kelly Gilkerson5000$50.00Donate
Cami Black3500$35.00Donate
Christopher Perdue000$0.00Donate
Terri Moore000$0.00Donate
Elliot Larky000$0.00Donate
Sandy Diggs000$0.00Donate
Elizabeth Cooksey71500$715.00Donate
Kristy Gaudiose000$0.00Donate
WILLIAM ALSNAUER25000$250.00Donate
Larry Buttermore3500$35.00Donate
Amy Casady3500$35.00Donate
Dionne Nicol000$0.00Donate
Katelin Stuttler000$0.00Donate
Bonnie Reilly10000$100.00Donate
Joe Reilly10000$100.00Donate
Jeff Stuttler000$0.00Donate
Kyle Abney5000$50.00Donate
Heather Marsh7000$70.00Donate
Katie Pauley3500$35.00Donate
Crystina Aller000$0.00Donate
Lisa Castle000$0.00Donate
Michael J Frey10000$100.00Donate
Valerie Meier10000$100.00Donate
Stan Stauffer000$0.00Donate
Scott Foresta000$0.00Donate
Michelle DAmico14500$145.00Donate
Joe and Sharon Mull10000$100.00Donate
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About Moving Day Columbus

Moving Day Columbus is the Parkinson’s Foundation Ohio Chapter’s annual fundraising walk event. It is a fun and inspiring fundraising event that unites families, friends and communities both large and small in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. This celebration of movement will feature a family friendly walk course, a kids area and a special Movement Pavilion featuring Delay the Disease, Dance for PD, Rock Steady Boxing, and ActivMotion Bar; all can help manage the symptoms of PD.

Proceeds raised from the campaign help to improve the quality of care for people with Parkinson’s disease through research, education and outreach. Moving Day Columbus raises awareness of Parkinson’s both nationally and in the local community.

It is ‘A day to move, a day to move others, a day that moves YOU!’

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation Ohio Chapter makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.