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Nahid Wardeh
ph: 732-639-1475
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Mark Richer000$0.00Donate
Janet Garofalow10000$100.00Donate
Richard Garofalow20000$200.00Donate
David Carlson20000$200.00Donate
Benton Yip4500$45.00Donate
Damian Watkins000$0.00Donate
Kama Sanguinetti3500$35.00Donate
Ilona Szabo De Bucs2500$25.00Donate
John Kolaya136000$1,360.00Donate
Vanessa Perry000$0.00Donate
Rahid Chadid000$0.00Donate
Dayel Giammarino000$0.00Donate
Kenneth Aidekman3500$35.00Donate
Donna Kolaetis10000$100.00Donate
Jeffrey Greenberg000$0.00Donate
Pam Soto000$0.00Donate
Diane Papa3500$35.00Donate
Phyllis Reilly000$0.00Donate
colletta liccardi2000$20.00Donate
andrew kalmanson000$0.00Donate
Maria Rossi0$0.00Donate
Beth Vernaleo000$0.00Donate
Nancy Hooper000$0.00Donate
Lauren Kolaya23500$235.00Donate
Christiana Evers000$0.00Donate
Katie Rosenzweig000$0.00Donate
Kelly Austin0$0.00Donate
Sarah Fargusson000$0.00Donate
Sarah Fargusson000$0.00Donate
Andrea Alarcon000$0.00Donate
Nahid Wardeh000$0.00Donate
Bert Dice-Goldberg000$0.00Donate
Yetty Soto000$0.00Donate
Jennifer Rembowski000$0.00Donate
Sharon Riegler22500$225.00Donate
Alyson Chananie3500$35.00Donate
Maria Saverino2000$20.00Donate
Jared Rosenzweig000$0.00Donate
Jackie Gannon3500$35.00Donate
Bill Moore10000$100.00Donate
Diana Saverino000$0.00Donate
Lauren Karpinski20000$200.00Donate
Claire Brough000$0.00Donate
Duane Kolaya10000$100.00Donate
Millena Myaskovsky3500$35.00Donate
Jeff Cantor77000$770.00Donate
Jacqueline Cristini25000$250.00Donate
Scott Barone34500$345.00Donate
Lee Kolaya3500$35.00Donate
John Lee Kolaya7000$70.00Donate
Fred Boettke60000$600.00Donate
Michelle Friedberg000$0.00Donate
John Fiore28500$285.00Donate
Dakota Griffin000$0.00Donate
Mary Diaman000$0.00Donate
Chris Diaman000$0.00Donate
Nicole Fiore23000$230.00Donate
John Frank000$0.00Donate
Rashi Asthana16000$160.00Donate
Gregory Moore12000$120.00Donate
Ken Friedland000$0.00Donate
Neeky Christian000$0.00Donate
Bernard Levine000$0.00Donate
J L Kolaya135000$1,350.00Donate
Mary jeanne Hennessy5000$50.00Donate
Mark Hurwitz3500$35.00Donate
Asheem Asthana3500$35.00Donate
Stacie Boyne-Shirock10000$100.00Donate
Dana Lenahan000$0.00Donate
Kieran Lenahan000$0.00Donate
Allan Lipnick165500$1,655.00Donate
Marvin Stark000$0.00Donate
Marguerite Denci000$0.00Donate
Greg Ashley000$0.00Donate
Aurora Rodriguez000$0.00Donate
Jacalyn Lombardi000$0.00Donate
James Hughes10000$100.00Donate
Naina Asthana3500$35.00Donate
Vineela Jonnalagadda000$0.00Donate
Oswald Calderon10000$100.00Donate
Christine Keville25000$250.00Donate
Gerard Neumann25000$250.00Donate
Terry Flynn3500$35.00Donate
Nancy Bruneau13500$135.00Donate
Kavitha Thukkaram3500$35.00Donate
Wilson Flores000$0.00Donate
Nicole Cantor000$0.00Donate
Matthew Shaw000$0.00Donate
Nipa Sahasrabuddhe2500$25.00Donate
Shannon Lenahan000$0.00Donate
Tim Gotts000$0.00Donate
Lyobomyk Goromo000$0.00Donate
Jamie Mangina000$0.00Donate
AnneMarie Denci3500$35.00Donate
Patrick Savolskis3500$35.00Donate
Aparna Merchant3500$35.00Donate
Lessie McCarey000$0.00Donate
Arlene Tyler-Benson10000$100.00Donate
Coach Dayel000$0.00Donate
Linda McKenna10000$100.00Donate
Barbara Kelly3500$35.00Donate
Joseph Filannino2000$20.00Donate
Paul Gray000$0.00Donate
Hope Gray000$0.00Donate
Michael Sautner10000$100.00Donate
Donna Markunas3500$35.00Donate
Jim Boyne3500$35.00Donate
Pegi Boyne3500$35.00Donate
Aly Baggitt55000$550.00Donate
Lauren Baggitt000$0.00Donate
Daniel Grynberg5000$50.00Donate
Kimberly Many000$0.00Donate
Jessica Filannino000$0.00Donate
Alex Blazejowicz000$0.00Donate
Kimberly Tardi000$0.00Donate
Alba Cortorreal000$0.00Donate
Danielle Agpalo000$0.00Donate
Camila Gadala-Maria12500$125.00Donate
Tara Eastman000$0.00Donate
Marianne D'Angelo10000$100.00Donate
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About Moving Day New Jersey

Moving Day New Jersey is our first annual fundraising walk event. It is a fun and inspiring fundraising event that unites families, friends and communities both large and small in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. This celebration of movement will feature a family friendly walk course, a kids area, a caregivers relaxation tent and a special Movement Pavilion featuring yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. all proven to help manage the symptoms of PD.

It is ‘A day to move, a day to move others, a day that moves YOU!’

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

More information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, will be published after our first walk. Please visit our Financial Reports page to see how with your help, we have made life better for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

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