Moving Day New Jersey – Virtual Walk

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10:00 AM

We Move Ceremony & Walk:



Laura Higgins
ph: 475-328-0449

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Teams Registered: 30

2 Days to Go!

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Christopher Jamele25$25.00Donate
Janet Garofalow150$150.00Donate
Alison Handler4756$4,756.00Donate
Ralph DeVito35$35.00Donate
Ilona Szabo de Bucs0$0.00Donate
Bill Winslow2825$2,825.00Donate
Lois Goodman75$75.00Donate
Adrian McCluskey0$0.00Donate
Dayel Giammarino2250$2,250.00Donate
Yasnahia Cortorreal250$250.00Donate
John Lehr200$200.00Donate
Kerry McCarthy626$626.00Donate
Nancy Damato100$100.00Donate
Donna Mastropolo325$325.00Donate
Colletta Liccardi35$35.00Donate
Lauren Kolaya430$430.00Donate
Alyson Chananie530$530.00Donate
Jackie Gannon0$0.00Donate
Lauren Karpinski335$335.00Donate
Millena Myaskovsky35$35.00Donate
Jeff Cantor35$35.00Donate
Bernie Levine50$50.00Donate
John Kolaya1310$1,310.00Donate
Lessie McCarey455$455.00Donate
Michael McKenna100$100.00Donate
Jim Boyne0$0.00Donate
Pegi Boyne100$100.00Donate
Daniel Grynberg50$50.00Donate
Janice Dibling100$100.00Donate
Lawrence Nespoli100$100.00Donate
Judy Mills0$0.00Donate
Jessica Breidbord115$115.00Donate
Jack Callahan500$500.00Donate
Marvin Goodson150$150.00Donate
Maria Rossi0$0.00Donate
Jerry Fewkes35$35.00Donate
David Smith100$100.00Donate
Christiana Evers100$100.00Donate
Janet Milden100$100.00Donate
Glenn Milden100$100.00Donate
Vanessa Perry0$0.00Donate
Caraugh Ball0$0.00Donate
John Smith0$0.00Donate
Keith Reimer0$0.00Donate
Christopher Quezada0$0.00Donate
Olivia DeMeo0$0.00Donate
Dot Antice50$50.00Donate
Ellen Bailin1123$1,123.00Donate
Leslie Weintraub70$70.00Donate
Denise Missuk100$100.00Donate
Ed Rodrigo425$425.00Donate
Patricia Bentley110$110.00Donate
Chelsea Cain0$0.00Donate
Ivy Strausberg0$0.00Donate
JEN-EVE FRACE282$282.00Donate
Iconic Moving Day New Jersey0$0.00Donate
John1 Kolaya2485$2,485.00Donate
John2 Kolaya795$795.00Donate
John3 Kolaya3525$3,525.00Donate
Mel Hixson30$30.00Donate
Debbie Hixson0$0.00Donate
John4 Kolaya2175$2,175.00Donate
John5 Kolaya335$335.00Donate
John6 Kolaya250$250.00Donate
John7 Kolaya425$425.00Donate
Dominick Gabriele0$0.00Donate
Stephanie Schug0$0.00Donate
Gene Molloy35$35.00Donate
Lennie Liebes250$250.00Donate
Rachel Schayowitz0$0.00Donate
Virginia Toth60$60.00Donate
Lindsay Shields0$0.00Donate
Rebekah Nawalinski0$0.00Donate
Maria Zdroik1230$1,230.00Donate
Victoria Brioc220$220.00Donate
Clayton Zdroik100$100.00Donate
Wade Zdroik0$0.00Donate
Courtney Zdroik0$0.00Donate
Kristie Soriano0$0.00Donate
Mary McCarthy313$313.00Donate
Claire McCarthy500$500.00Donate
Jacob McCarthy25$25.00Donate
Samantha McCarthy50$50.00Donate
Max McCarthy50$50.00Donate
Brenda McCarthy200$200.00Donate
Kathi Amen313$313.00Donate
Francisca Groff100$100.00Donate
Patti McCarthy304$304.00Donate
Daniella Chan285$285.00Donate
Thomas Zmigrodski275$275.00Donate
Lisa Pinto40$40.00Donate
Shane McNamara15$15.00Donate
Laura Gabriele0$0.00Donate
Angel Saunders0$0.00Donate
Scott Kashan25$25.00Donate
Gabrielle Napoli25$25.00Donate
Colleen McGonigle460$460.00Donate
Rachel Murray20$20.00Donate
John Palmieri20$20.00Donate
Rose Cordero95$95.00Donate
Joseph McGonigle100$100.00Donate
Rich Paull35$35.00Donate
Nicole McCormack250$250.00Donate
Jack & Mary Tobin100$100.00Donate
Karen Faiman0$0.00Donate
Bob Eichert0$0.00Donate
Robert Kent100$100.00Donate
Michael Bransfield100$100.00Donate
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About Moving Day

We Care. We Fight. We Move.

Moving Day is an inspiring and empowering annual fundraising walk event that unites people around the country living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their care partners and loved ones to help beat PD. Moving Day is more than just a walk. It’s a celebration of movement – proven to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

Leading up to the event, participants and teams fundraise to help the Parkinson’s Foundation provide everything people with Parkinson’s need to live better — from lifesaving resources to delivering quality care to more than 193,500 people living with Parkinson’s to improving Parkinson’s treatments through research.

About Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

Moving Day proceeds help bring quality care to more people with Parkinson’s, further Parkinson’s research, education and outreach initiatives. Moving Day raises awareness of Parkinson’s both nationally and in the local community.

For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here.

Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact

The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of New Jersey, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s disease. Learn more.