Moving Day South Alabama

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Spring Hill College | Map

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8:30 am

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10:30 a.m.


Megan Willard
ph: 816-462-9506
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Susan Glickman280100$2,801.00Donate
Zeola Walker000$0.00Donate
Vanessa Perry0$0.00Donate
Myrna Andrews0$0.00Donate
Veronica Lewis0$0.00Donate
Brandy Sirmans3500$35.00Donate
Sally Ansell124000$1,240.00Donate
Monique Pettaway1000$10.00Donate
Jennifer Johnson000$0.00Donate
Wendell & Julia Morrison-Morgan100000$1,000.00Donate
Marcia Joiner0$0.00Donate
Carmen Brooks23500$235.00Donate
Torie French0$0.00Donate
JONITA MCCREE22000$220.00Donate
Angela Collins5000$50.00Donate
Shirletha Jones0$0.00Donate
Traci Thai0$0.00Donate
Natasha Washington000$0.00Donate
Aliki Brooks0$0.00Donate
Alicia Gourlay000$0.00Donate
Stephanie Ward000$0.00Donate
Alexia Mingo Simmons000$0.00Donate
Alice Younce0$0.00Donate
Styletta Carter0$0.00Donate
Erica Little0$0.00Donate
Kathy Croft10000$100.00Donate
Manci Bryars000$0.00Donate
Summer Tankersley0$0.00Donate
Claudette Nix10000$100.00Donate
Megan Nix0$0.00Donate
Mattie Nix0$0.00Donate
Lyn Stuart0$0.00Donate
Diane Payne4000$40.00Donate
EDanae Bowman3500$35.00Donate
Harriet Ingraham000$0.00Donate
Ron Driesbach000$0.00Donate
Yolanda Altice2500$25.00Donate
Tony Lawrence10000$100.00Donate
Lynda Holder0$0.00Donate
Terry Yamane0$0.00Donate
Chris Holder3500$35.00Donate
Carlee Russell0$0.00Donate
Lillian Overstreet000$0.00Donate
Tonya Warren0$0.00Donate
Sabrina Hughes000$0.00Donate
Bradley Smith0$0.00Donate
Brenda Culver0$0.00Donate
Carol Sheffield10000$100.00Donate
tyler cochran0$0.00Donate
Joy Washington2500$25.00Donate
Pamela Rainey0$0.00Donate
Stephen Cope0$0.00Donate
Debi Robbins0$0.00Donate
Beth Sudduth000$0.00Donate
Suzanne Barnett0$0.00Donate
Gwendolyn Smith0$0.00Donate
James Downey000$0.00Donate
Edward Walker000$0.00Donate
Joy Washington0$0.00Donate
James Brooks10000$100.00Donate
Cary Cochran0$0.00Donate
Kendra Larson000$0.00Donate
Blair Saale50000$500.00Donate
Joseph Griggs000$0.00Donate
Krista Byrd000$0.00Donate
Shane Trehern000$0.00Donate
Andy Thames000$0.00Donate
Teresa Smith0$0.00Donate
Patricia Brooks Walker10000$100.00Donate
Randolph Gray3500$35.00Donate
Alfreda Greene500$5.00Donate
Ericka Hodge000$0.00Donate
Barbara Sallis000$0.00Donate
Pat Sims000$0.00Donate
Kenneth Brandon000$0.00Donate
JO ANN FRANCIS5000$50.00Donate
Marta Graham5000$50.00Donate
peggy hunter000$0.00Donate
Leslie Marriott0$0.00Donate
Norma Seals0$0.00Donate
Amber Fletcher0$0.00Donate
Camryn Fletcher0$0.00Donate
Erica Little0$0.00Donate
Marcus Mitchell0$0.00Donate
Sharon Mitchell10000$100.00Donate
Justin Marr0$0.00Donate
Ann Brock10000$100.00Donate
sarah fargusson0$0.00Donate
Nancy Hoven0$0.00Donate
DeEster Walker0$0.00Donate
Ashley McPherson0$0.00Donate
Terri Burroughs0$0.00Donate
Evelyn Munnerlyn0$0.00Donate
Shanna Wilson0$0.00Donate
kendra giles0$0.00Donate
Phyllis Tate10000$100.00Donate
Mercedes Bradford0$0.00Donate
Emily Nettles8000$80.00Donate
Austin Howard3500$35.00Donate
Kate Webb0$0.00Donate
Marina Hayes11000$110.00Donate
Lauren Sullivan0$0.00Donate
Brian Cochran0$0.00Donate
Hayley Belcher2500$25.00Donate
Jessica Moreau0$0.00Donate
Chris Addison0$0.00Donate
Sam Ansell10000$100.00Donate
Robert Martin0$0.00Donate
Patricia Hopper10000$100.00Donate
Ainsley Hopper10000$100.00Donate
Jamon Peacock0$0.00Donate
Christopher Hoover0$0.00Donate
Shelby Peacock0$0.00Donate
Lindsey Butler0$0.00Donate
Debbie Waite0$0.00Donate
Matthew Haynes0$0.00Donate
Marissa Haynes0$0.00Donate
titus kirkland0$0.00Donate
Taylor Kirkland0$0.00Donate
Charla Neptun0$0.00Donate
Heather Robert0$0.00Donate
natasha Faircloth0$0.00Donate
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About Moving Day South Alabama

Moving Day South Alabama is our annual fundraising walk event. It is a fun and inspiring fundraising event that unites families, friends and communities both large and small in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. This celebration of movement will feature a family friendly walk course, a kids area, a caregivers relaxation tent and a special Movement Pavilion featuring yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. all proven to help manage the symptoms of PD.

It is ‘A day to move, a day to move others, a day that moves YOU!’

About the Parkinson’s Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience, and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information on Parkinson’s disease, please visit

Where does my donation go?

More information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, will be published soon.